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Dear chefs and pastry chefs,

The Chef’s Club of Greece is honored to present the 1st Mediterranean Chefs Competition!

A competition which aims to gastronomically unite the Mediterranean countries, presenting each and every ones’ flavors, local ingredients and specialties. A presentation that only chefs and pastry chefs can bring to life!

The competition is bearing Worldchefs endorsement, will be graded with the new Worldchefs Competition Management App that aims to transparency and security, will be hosting specialized international judges and has new modern categories. All these features guarantee the success of the competition!!!

We will be expecting you all,

The president

Tasos Protopsaltis


For any inconvenience please contact the support team
Phone: +30 211 012 9575
Email: info@medchefscompetition.com

Α – Chefs Live Competitions
A1 – Mediterranean Chef of the YearRulesRegister Now
A2 – Fresh PastaRulesRegister Now
A3 – VeganRulesRegister Now
Α4 – Modern cuisineRulesRegister Now
Α5 – MeatRulesRegister Now
A6 – Yacht menuRulesRegister Now
A7 – Fish & Sea FoodRulesRegister Now
Α8 – Live Vegetable CarvingRulesRegister Now
A9 – Black BoxRulesRegister Now

Β – Teams Live Competitions
Β1 – Mediterranean Team of the YearRulesRegister Now
B2 – Street FoodRulesRegister Now
B3 – Brunch – chef & pastry chefRulesRegister Now
B4 – Brunch – young chef & pastry chefRulesRegister Now

C – Young Chefs (up to 25) Live Competitions
C1 - Mediterranean Young Chef of the YearRulesRegister Now
C2 – MeatRulesRegister Now
C3 – Fresh PastaRulesRegister Now
C4 – VeganRulesRegister Now
C5 – Modern CuisineRulesRegister Now
C6 – SaladRulesRegister Now
C7 – Fish & Sea FoodRulesRegister Now
C8 – Live CarvingRulesRegister Now
C9 – Black BoxRulesRegister Now

D – Schools Live Competitions
D1 – Best school of the yearRulesRegister Now
D2 – St Valentine’s MenuRulesRegister Now
D3 – VeganRulesRegister Now
D4 – Traditional Greek desserts – modern platedRulesRegister Now
D5 – St Valentine’s dessertRulesRegister Now
D6 – Cereal barsRulesRegister Now
D7 – Black BoxRulesRegister Now

E – Students Live Cooking Competitions
Ε1 – Fish & SeafoodRulesRegister Now
Ε2 – ChickenRulesRegister Now
Ε3 – SaladRulesRegister Now

F – Pastry Chefs Live Competitions
F1 – Mediterranean Pastry Chef of the YearRulesRegister Now
F2 – Plated dessertRulesRegister Now
F3 – Modern pastry artRulesRegister Now
F4 – Vegan dessertRulesRegister Now
F5 – Cereal barsRulesRegister Now
F6 - Traditional Greek desserts – modern platedRulesRegister Now
F7 - St Valentine’s dessertRulesRegister Now
F8 – Live Cake decorationRulesRegister Now

G – Young Pastry Chefs (up to 25) Live Competitions
G1 – Mediterranean Young Pastry Chef of the YearRulesRegister Now
G2 – Plated dessertRulesRegister Now
G3 – Modern pastry artRulesRegister Now
G4 – Vegan dessertRulesRegister Now

H – Students Live Pastry Competitions
Η1 – Plated dessertRulesRegister Now
Η2 - Traditional Greek desserts – modern platedRulesRegister Now

Ι – Display Competitions for Chefs & Pastry Chefs
I1 – Chocolate showpieceRulesRegister Now
I2 – Caramel showpieceRulesRegister Now
I3 – Wedding CakeRulesRegister Now
I4 – Cake DecorationRulesRegister Now
I5 – Easter EggRulesRegister Now
Ι6 – MacaronRulesRegister Now
Ι7 – ÉclairRulesRegister Now
I8 – Petits FoursRulesRegister Now

J – Display Competitions for Schools
J1 – Greek BreakfastRulesRegister Now
J2 – Chocolate showpieceRulesRegister Now
J3 – Caramel ShowpieceRulesRegister Now
J4 – Wedding CakeRulesRegister Now
J5 – Cake DecorationRulesRegister Now
J6 – Easter EggRulesRegister Now
J7 – MacaronRulesRegister Now
J8 – ÉclairRulesRegister Now
J9 – Petits FoursRulesRegister Now