1. In general

The 1st Mediterranean Competition is organized by the Chef’s Club of Greece and is under the auspices of the WORLDCHEFS community and the Hellenic Chef’s Federation.

The competitions and award ceremonies will take place at the Peace and Friendship Stadium on February 21-23, 2020.

The organizational committee consists of the members of the B.o.D. of the Chef’s Club of Greece and the persons appointed by the B.o.D.


  1. Right to Participate

Individuals permitted to take part in the competitions (depending on the category) from Greece and abroad are as follows:

  • chefs & pastry chefs,
  • cooks & confectioners,
  • young professional cooks and confectioners up to 25 years old,
  • students with private individual participation,
  • Private & public schools of tourism professions.


  1. Participants’ Obligations

All contestants have an obligation to read the regulations carefully and especially those applying to the category they will be participating in.



  1. Enrollment in the competition


The contestant can enter the competition ONLY through the official site of the contest NOT by phone, NOT orally, NOT by email, NOT by fb message or any other similar way.

Places for live contests are limited, with 10 contestants in each category. A strict order of priority will be adhered to by the electronic signature of the site registration.

After the first 10 contestants, the platform will close. Candidates can be booked in a waiting list in case of cancellation by phone at 2108251401.


In order to complete the contestant’s registration on the site, the payment through online deposit must also be completed. In case of cancellation, the club is not obliged to refund the participation fees.



  1. Costs of participating in contests:

Professional cooks / confectioners: 60 euros

Young cooks / confectioners (up to 25 years old): 60 euros

Cook / confectionery students: 30 euros

Groups: 80 euros

Schools: by category, as stated in the regulations.

Club members: For registration in more than 2 competitions, 30% discount.


  1. Rights

Contestants waive all rights to the recipe they wrote, prepared and presented. Only the Chef’s Club of Greece reserves the right to use the recipes and photos.


  1. Time of arrival and contestants’ appearance

Contestants must be in the Secretariat with their form of identity no later than one hour before the competition begins, and must carry the full Cook uniform without advertising signs, badges or names. The competition organizational committee has the right to exclude a contestant whose uniform bears any promotional items. The uniform should consist of: white chef’s jacket, white or black apron, black pants, chef’s footware and optional scarf. A hat will be given by the organizing committee for uniformity of the contestants.

The contestants should keep the same appearance during the awards, medals, etc ceremony.


  1. Jury

The members of the jury are prominent professionals, both from Greece and abroad, and will have no affiliation or professional affiliation with any of the contestants. They will judge on the basis of international standards set by WORLDCHEFS.

All participants must respect the rules of the competition and the final results of the judges.

In the event of a tie, the president of the jury in cooperation with the jury shall have the right to decide the winner, as well as to award two medals to the category.

Contestants should avoid talking to the judges before and during the event.


  1. Supervisors

Competition supervisors monitor the professional conduct in the competition’s preparation and waiting area, organize the contestants’ time order, and place them in their respective kitchens, and monitor the cleanliness, equipment and preparation provided by the contestants. Contest supervisors are specially marked and designated by the competition.


  1. Organizing Committee

The organizing committee of the competition has the right to decide again in case of possible omission of terms and regulations or various problems that may arise and are not provided for by this Regulations.

Only the President and the Board of Directors of the Chef’s Club of Greece reserves the right to make any modification required by unforeseen circumstances or by force majeure. The organizing committee also reserves the right to cancel the competition in whole or in part in the event of force majeure, without having to pay any financial compensations claimed.

The organizing committee is not responsible for the loss or destruction of exhibits, equipment, tools or any personal belongings.


  1. Competition procedure

The contestant must pass through the competition secretariat at least 1 hour before the starting time of his category, where he delivers the recipes and receives the special card. In the event that the contestant does not have his / her recipes printed, his participation may be canceled.

He then puts his things in the special place that his supervisors will suggest. 30 minutes before the start of the competition, the participants meet with a member of the competition organizing committee and the jury. Following is a kitchen update and draw.

After the draw, the contestant receives the number of the kitchen where the contest will take place or the table number if it is a presentation category, where the contest exhibit will be placed.

The contestant enters the kitchen and is placed 10 minutes before the competition begins.

Materials, utensils, tools should be provided by each contestant unless otherwise specified in the detailed regulations.

Participants who will display inappropriate behavior to members of the Coordination and Jury, Supervisors of the Competition and who offend the event and venue will be excluded from the competition.


  1. Awarding process

The results of the competition will be posted at a specific point in the competition venue. The award ceremonies will take place on the same day, at the time the event is scheduled. The winners receive their medals only in full chef uniform, which will not carry any badges or advertisements. The organization board has the right to exclude a contestant, in case of improper appearance. The only exceptions are the schools, as defined by the special regulations.

The distinguished participants will be awarded:

Gold medal with diploma and congratulations of the jury. Score: 100 points

Gold medal and diploma. Score: 90 – 99.99 points

Silver medal and diploma. Score: 80 – 89.99 points

Bronze medal and diploma. Score: 70 – 79.99 points

Diploma Score:  30-69.99 points

In some categories there may be additional prizes that will be announced in due time.



  1. Procedure for Attendance and Unloading

Contestants may arrive two hours prior to the time of contest to unload their utensils / raw materials / exhibits. For this reason, they can use the parking lot behind the kitchens (as shown in the diagram) and have the right to remain parked for 30 minutes until unloading. They then have to move their car and park in another location. the same procedure should be followed when picking up after the contest.

Upon entering the parking lot, they will give the guard 50 euro, receive a ticket stating the time they enter the parking lot and have 30 minutes to unload. By displaying the ticket and having respected the 30 minute time limit, they will reclaim the 50 euro on their way out. Otherwise the amount will be withheld by the contest.

Contestants should respect the need for everyone to unload and load exhibits and utensils.


  1. Entrance to the competition

Admission to the competition is free with the display of the badge you will receive from the organizing committee.



  1. Products and raw materials

The use of raw materials in their original packaging is strictly prohibited. The raw materials should be in suitable containers for professional use, which do not carry any brands or logos.


  1. Contestants’ kitchen

The kitchen size is 9 sq.m. Each contestant has 2 induction hobs, 1 oven, 3 inox tables, 1 small water sink and waste bin, 1 refrigerator, 1 freezer.

It is the contestants’ responsibility to bring kitchen utensils (* pots, pans, utensils, etc.)

Contestants are responsible for carrying their presentation plates, 28-32 cm.

There is space for preparation and storage behind the competitors’ kitchens.


  1. Material Recycling Policy

The Chef’s Club of Greece in cooperation with “Boroume” will make available all the food that will remain in the competition venues, well preserved and stored for charity purposes.


  1. Assistant

The assistant is chosen by the contestant and is not expected to meet specific requirements for this post.

In school competitions, the assistant has to be a student of the school. In this case, the assistant is forbidden to be a professional chef/pastry chef or school’s teacher.