• Contestants can come and use the facility 2 hours in advance. The use of facilities prior to this is strictly prohibited.
  • Contestants are graded for cleanliness of the kitchen at the end of the competition. Non-clean kitchen carries a penalty of 10% of the total score
  • Contestants must comply with HACCP hygiene rules before, during and after the competition.
  • Promotion of products through competition and prizes ceremony is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with this results in the exclusion of the contestant.
  • Contestants must have their recipe printed in 4 copies in Greek and English.
  • All food must be brought into the competition, in suitable containers and isothermal media.
  • Ready made preparations are strictly prohibited and result in the contestant’s disqualification.
  • Serving dishes should have the appropriate temperature depending on the preparation (hot / cold)
  • All decor elements should be made live in the kitchen
  • Contestants may bring ready-made:

Stands and structuring materials (such as sponge cake, biscuit, meringues, etc.) can be ready, but not in pastry rings.

Basic pastry recipes can be weighed, but without further processing, in suitable containers.

Fruit puree, without thermal processing.


Grading Points

  • Taste & Composition – 50 points

Contestants must create a dish that delivers maximum flavor. The composition of the dish must be nutritionally balanced. The taste and colors of the dish should be in harmony and complement each other. The taste and texture should also be carefully attended, emphasizing on the main ingredient of the dish. The serving temperature should be correct and the aftertaste should be seriously taken into account.

  • Correct professional preparation – 25 points

Hygiene organization, working skills and techniques, kitchen organization will be graded.

  • Mise en place – 10 points

The preparation should be precise and show basic cooking skills. Kitchen organization, time management, temperature in sensitive products, cleanliness and proper packaging are taken into account.

  • Presentation – 10 points

The dish should be presentable, tasty and have a nice appearance. The main ingredient should be easily identifiable and the plate cornices should not be used. The artistic presentation of the dish is of great importance.

  • Correct serving time – 5 points

The contestant should serve his dishes within the time given